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This page provides an overview of different Guidelines where guidance can be found for example on:

  • Building a communication strategy for social media and consideration of the main elements (e.g. needed roles for the team)
  • Set up and evaluate social media activities
  • Recommended actions on social media before, during and after a crisis
  • Tips and behavioural advice for citizens on social media in crisis situations
  • Consideration of legal requirements when using social media
  • Verification of information from social media;
  • Use of technologies to support work with social media
  • Support of vulnerable people with specific needs

The target audience the guidance documents are intended for are:

  • Practitioners (local, national, and European disaster management organizations, civil protection agencies, first responders, NGOs, security networks)
  • Policy and decision makers (local, national, and European agencies and institutes, public authorities, standardization bodies)
  • Research networks (research institutions and scientific communities)
  • Businesses (companies, local business networks, solution providers, suppliers of goods and services)
  • Civil society (citizens, civil society organizations, educational institutions, vulnerable groups, social movement organizations)
  • Media

You can use the filters to identify relevant guidelines according to your needs, and then click on the title of a guideline to get further information .(including link to the full text and abstract (if available))

The meaning/definition of the filters you may find by clicking on or hoover above the term in the results list

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