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A key objective of the LINKS project is to build a sustainable, multidisciplinary, stakeholder community consisting of different actors from different countries, professions and schools of thought but all interested in the field of social media and crowdsourcing (SMCS) in disasters. An important tool for this community is the LINKS Community Center (LCC) as it will be the technical foundation for the online community.

The LCC brings together the different stakeholders of the LINKS Community in one user-friendly and flexible web-based platform and enables them to exchange knowledge and experiences and to access, discuss and assess knowledge on the usage of SMCS in disasters. The knowledge is included in the LINKS Framework and presented in the LCC as standalone knowledge and learning materials (e.g. methods, ready-implementable tools and easily applicable guidelines to achieve a more effective use of SMCS in disasters) and learning paths. The evaluation and practical application of the LINKS Framework will be enabled by supporting the LINKS case-based assessments of the Framework. The LCC therefore plays an important role in creating and fostering a lively community around the LINKS project and the project’s results. Furthermore, the LCC strives to be a valuable tool for establishing and sustaining the LINKS Community beyond the duration of the LINKS project.