Platforms‘ policies on AI-manipulated and generated misinformation

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    • The development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has long been a challenge for the disinformation field, allowing content to be easily manipulated and contributing to accelerate its distribution.
    • Focusing on content, recent technical developments, and the growing use of generative AI systems by end-users have exponentially increased these challenges, making it easier not just to modify but also to create fake texts, images, and audio pieces that can look real.
    • Despite offering opportunities for legitimate purposes (e.g., art or satire), AI content is also widely generated and disseminated across the internet, causing – intentionally or not – harm and deception.
    • In view of these rapid changes, it is crucial to understand how platforms face the challenge of moderating AI-manipulated and AI-generated content that may end up circulating as mis- or disinformation.
      • Are they able to distinguish legitimate uses from malign uses of such content?
      • Do they see the risks embedded in AI as an accessory to disinformation strategies or copyright infringements, or consider it a matter on its own that deserves spe- cific policies?
      • Do they even mention AI in their moderation policies, and have they updated these policies since the emergence of generative AI to address this evolution?
    • The present factsheet delves into how some of the main platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube – approach AI-manipulated or AI-generated content in their terms of use, exploring how they address its potential risk of becoming mis- and disinformation.
    • The analysis concluded that definitions are divergent, leaving users and regulators with diverse mitigation and resolution measures.

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