Lessons for Crisis Communication on Social Media: A Systematic Review of What Research Tells the Practice

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Primary Target Country
Publishing Organisation Mats Eriksson
Language English
Year Published 2018
Target Audience Researchers
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase After, Before, During
Covers Thematic Community management, Content creation, Crisis communication, Social Media Strategy
Audience Experience Level Starter
Source Website https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/1553118X.2018.1510405?needAccess=true
Abstract Effective social media crisis communication
  • is about using the potential for dialogue and choosing the right message, source and timing
  • is about being prepared, understanding social media logic, and making friends before you need them
  • is about using social media for monitoring
  • is still about prioritizing traditional media
  • is just about using social media
Is Archived No
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This study has tracked five research-based lessons (see abstracts) for effective global social media crisis communication by means of an extensive systematic and interdisciplinary review. By aggregating recommendations from a number of studies – from different disciplines – the study finds that effective crisis communication is about using social media’s potential to create dialogue and to choose the right message, source and timing; performing precrisis work and developing an understanding of social media logic; using social media monitoring; and continuing to prioritize traditional media in crisis situations.