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To better understand the social environment during the Covid-19 outbreak. To fine-tune the outward communication. To reduce the (societal) damage. For value creation, making sure the VRZL's messaging aligns with the needs and positioning of the surrounding community.  +
To inform the public about fire and smoke propagation and movement of fire vehicles.  +
The little ones and young girls will be supported by a volunteer, mostly from the Ukrainian community in Italy, in order to have personalized online educational support. Druzi volunteers after a training course and under the supervision of a team of educators and psychologists / ghe, will accompany them to the knowledge of Italy and the cities where they are hosted, they will support them in maintaining basic skills , of the scholastic path (many children and adolescents continue to attend their school in Ukraine through the DAD), will favor the learning of basic notions of the Italian language, will promote reading and playing activities. An opportunity, therefore, for children and adolescents to be able to express themselves in their own language in a protected context, expanding the network of relationships.  +
To inform the public in time before the event happens.  +
The project "Volunteers for Education" responds to the educational crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic to support learning and motivation of children aged 9-17.  +
Gather and filter an overwhelming amount of information when a disaster or crisis-related emergency occurs.  +