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The Communication Team of the National Disaster Management system of Hungary is responsible to operate social media accounts around the clock 24/7.
Public Safety
Involved Organisations:
Firefighters, Communication Team
Publishing Organisation

Federation of European Fire Officers (FEU)




Social Media

  • Making Information Accessible
  • Mobilising Citizens
  • Targeting Communication
Disaster Management Phase

Before, During


Educational advice, interesting stories in connection with fire fighters and fire brigades plus the operational interventions are among the most popular events that draws attention of the public and generates feedback from citizens. Interesting stories from all over the country and events which surely attracts the attention of the public are posted on social media, such as :

  • joining the fire service as a new recruit,
  • wedding of a fire fighter colleague,
  • competitions (rescue dog, rescue rope, fire fighter of the year city award),
  • private life professional activities by fire fighters,
  • animal rescue,
  • information sharing on meteorology events (rainfalls, heatwaves),
  • earthquakes,
  • celebrations
Mostly used social media platform in Hungary is Facebook.
What was the overall goal of the Use Case?
Community building
What worked well and could be recommended to others?
Number of followers is steadily growing, it is currently a bit more than 150.000.
What limitations were identified?

Sometimes there are negative comments e.g. that fire fighters are arriving at the scene very late during storms. People tend to ignore that the capacity of the rescue forces to react immediately is limited (mass handling, overload of calls, prioritization needed facing up to 100 real incidents per minute in the capital) Sometimes there are very rude comments and those posts are erased.

The person who is handling the SM sites is also a moderator, so he/she can handle the situation.
Which social media platforms were used?