37-Hour Wild Animal Hunt in Kleinmachnow

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On July 20, 2023, a free-roaming wild animal was spotted in Kleinmachnow, a suburb of Berlin. Police received an emergency call and launched a 37-hour manhunt that attracted worldwide attention.
Public Safety
Brandenburg/Berlin, Germany
Involved Organisations:
Police, Cybertracker Experts
Publishing Organisation

Federation of European Fire Officers (FEU)




Social Media

  • Collecting and Analysing Information from SMCS
  • Ensuring Credible Information
Disaster Management Phase



On July 20, 2023, a free-roaming wild animal was spotted in Kleinmachnow, a suburb of Berlin. A video has been shared in a chat group and then uploaded to Twitter. Police received an emergency call and moved out to find the animal. According to an initial assessment of the video, the wild animal was a lioness. As a result, a very elaborate and costly search was conducted. Hundreds of police units were deployed, helicopters, drones and thermal imaging cameras were used.

The search for the wild animal lasted 37 hours and attracted worldwide attention.

According to New York Times others had fun with the chaos, and memes abounded: >The Twitter page for Deutsche Bahn, the national German railway operator, tweeted a helpful reminder that while house cats and smaller pets did not need their own tickets, larger pets, “other than companion lions,” required their own train passes.>

In the end, it turned out that the animal was a wild boar.
What was the overall goal of the Use Case?
The use case should serve as a decision-making aid as to whether the search is useful or not.
What worked well and could be recommended to others?
Social media provided footage that could be analysed. The analysis was performed with the help of Cybertracker experts. It is recommended that social media be used not only for press relations but also for operational tactics. This example shows how important it is to use social media in emergency response.
What limitations were identified?
The uploaded video was not immediately evaluated in a targeted manner. The evaluation of content from social media is not yet part of the standard routine.
Which social media and crowdsourcing technologies were used?
Which social media platforms were used?
Which hashtags or keywords were used?