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On July 20, 2023, a free-roaming wild animal was spotted in Kleinmachnow, a suburb of Berlin. Police received an emergency call and launched a 37-hour manhunt that attracted worldwide attention.  +
On the evening of November 2, 2020, a 20-year-old man killed four people in the city center of Vienna, others are seriously injured.  +
On July 14, 2016, at around 10.30pm a lorry was crashed into a crowd on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, where people watched the fireworks celebrating Bastille Day, the French national day.  +
Covid19Italia.Help is an opensource and open access platform created in the first days of the pandemic with the aim to disseminate information related to the pandemic and to support people in need.  +
In the aftermath of two likely connected terrorist attacks the police of Catalonia received great praise from crisis communication experts regarding their management of the situation.  +
The Crowdscience project #unserWasser investigates the impact of drought on Germany's water bodies by collecting public observations on drying rivers, lakes and streams.  +
This use case provides a brief overview of an environment analysis using Obi4Wan. This analysis took place during the Covid-19 outbreak and was conducted by the Safety Region of South Limburg.  +
Tweets containing the #openstockholm hashtag facilitated the creation of a massive support network by spontaneous volunteers, yet the authorities did not engage much with this network.  +
Dry grass and low vegetation was on fire, and controlled and extinguished by firefighters.  +
The forest is burning: 45 major forest fires raged in NRW in 2020 alone. Climate change - right on our doorstep.  +
Terremoto Centro Italia is an opensource and open access crowdsourcing platform with the purpose to provide a space where people can share useful and verified information and requests about earthquakes that hit Central Italy between 2016-2017. The platform is a no profit initiative totally based on the work of volunteers.  +
On January 12 2010 a magnitude 7 earthquake struck Haiti and resulted in widespread devastation and a humanitarian crisis. SMCS were used to disseminating information and coordinating relief efforts.  +
The project"Volunteers for Education" was launched in response to the Covid-19 emergency that affected child education and wellbeing to support learning and motivation of children aged 9-17  +
Loiret & Orléans Launch Data Platform & Apps for Smarter Traffic Management, Improved Public Transit & Safety  +
In 2018, Portugal experienced a fuel crisis caused by a strike by truck drivers protesting against the rising fuel prices. The strike resulted in the disruption of fuel supplies and distribution.  +
As the result of a focused research project, Germany implemented so-called ‘intel officers’ in several states in 2019 who assist police operations through the application open-source intelligence.  +
Example case of a regional government affected by the disaster using a Twitter-based AI Disaster Risk Management Solution to confirm the damage and provide contact information for multiple rescues.  +
Education film about storm warning systems on 4 Hungarian lakes  +
Law enforcement in Herne had to handle the case of a child-murderer who was on the run for several days (killing a second person) and who kept the afraid public by posting further threats online.  +
Thunderstorms in the country  +