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Keyword Alerts for Facebook Groups with Pinchr


Supported Platforms


Crisis Communication Matrix

Citizens to Authorities

Disaster Management Phase

Before, During


Func search.svgSearch & Monitor

  • Advanced search features Include or exclude several words or hashtags for a social media search, e.g., with boolean search operators
  • Keyword search Search for keywords in social media
  • Hashtag search Search for hashtags in social media
  • Keyword monitoring Continuously monitor specific keywords
  • Hashtag monitoring Continuously monitor specific hashtags
  • Event monitoring Monitor events
  • Event notification Create and configure notifications for events (e.g. notifications about spikes in activity
  • Func post.svgPost & Schedule

  • Posting content Post content on social media
  • Scheduling content Schedule posting to social media at a specific date/time
  • Post time optimization Identify the ideal time for posting content to your audience
  • Content library Prepare (reusable) content for posting in advance
  • Supported content types: Supports these content types for posting or scheduling unknown
  • Func analysis.svgAnalysis

  • Text analysis Analyse textual content
  • Image analysis Analyse image content (e.g. identification of brand logos)
  • Video analysis Analyse video content
  • Topic analysis Analyse extracted topics from the content
  • Sentiment analysis Analyse sentiments (e.g., good/bad/neutral) of the content
  • Trend analysis Analyse trends in the content
  • Content processing languages: Process content in multiple languages unknown
  • Func metrics.svgMetrics

  • Post metrics Show metrics about posts (e.g., number of likes, number of comments, reached users)
  • Profile or Site metrics Show metrics about the user or the site profile (e.g., follower count)
  • Network metrics Show metrics per social media network
  • Follower metrics Show metrics about your followers
  • Audience metrics Show metrics about your audience
  • Competitor metrics Show metrics about your competitors (e.g. compare different profiles)
  • Func report.svgReport

  • Filtering, sorting & searching Filter, sort and search through collected data
  • Clustering/Aggregation
  • Visualization options Visualize collected data in different ways, (e.g. in different charts)
  • PDF export Export a report as a PDF document
  • Predefined reports Create predefined reports
  • Customizable reports Create custom reports
  • Func collaboration.svgCollaboration

  • Multiuser Create multiple user accounts
  • Permission management Manage user permissions
  • Inbox workflow Create inbox workflows
  • Approval workflows Create approval workflows
  • Func interoperability.svgInteroperability

  • Data export Export data for further processing
  • Third party tool integration Integrate or connect with other third-party applications
  • API support Access the tool through an Application Programming Interface
  • Func meta.svgMeta

  • White Label Integrate the tool with custom branding or styling
  • GDPR compliant The tool is GDPR-compliant
  • Historical data access Access historical data
  • Multiple accounts per platform Manage multiple accounts per platform
  • User interface languages: Offer the user interface in different languages unknown
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