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Func search.svgSearch & Monitor

  • Advanced search features Advanced search features are filters that help users find exact content by narrowing the scope of a search query and eliminating irrelevant information. They include choosing specific words or phrases, selecting search types, and using Boolean Operators.
  • Event monitoring Monitor events (e.g. disasters or other events like sports matches or festivals etc...) in social media
  • Event notification Create and configure notifications for events (e.g notifications about spikes in activity)
  • Hashtag monitoring Continuously monitor and receive information on specific hashtags
  • Hashtag search Hashtag search allows for tracking and analyzing social media posts with specific hashtags.
  • Keyword monitoring Continuously monitor and receive information on specific keywords
  • Keyword search Keyword search is the process of finding and categorizing specific words or phrases within a larger set of data.
  • Func post.svgPost & Schedule

  • Content library A content library is a storage site for different types of (reusable) digital assets, including templates, excerpts, and audio and video clips.
  • Post time optimization Post time optimization is about finding the best times to post on social media to engage with the audience, using personalized algorithms and performance metrics.
  • Posting content Post content on social media
  • Scheduling content Schedule posting to social media at a specific date/time
  • Func analysis.svgAnalysis

  • Image analysis Analyse digital images to extract meaningful information including tasks such as removing noise, counting objects, isolate regions and objects of interest.
  • Sentiment analysis Analyse the sentiment (emotional tone) behind messages to identify (changes in) public opinion.
  • Text analysis Analyse human-written text using natural language processing and machine learning to extract meaningful insights, and classify, sort, and organize the information for further analysis.
  • Topic analysis Analyse topics present in user-generated data by analyzing word frequency, co-occurrence, and semantic similarity.
  • Trend analysis Trend analysis is a method used to understand and describe predictions about future trends by monitoring and scanning certain early indicators and looking for influential developments.
  • Video analysis Analyse videos to extract metadata from video content, such as identifying objects, events, or areas of interest.
  • Func metrics.svgMetrics

  • Audience metrics Show metrics about your (target) audience that goes beyond your direct followers, e.g. users reading your posts based on recommendation algorithms
  • Competitor metrics Show metrics about your competitors (e.g. compare different profiles)
  • Follower metrics Show metrics of your followers or subscribers (e.g. number of followers, engagement rate, and demographics)
  • Network metrics Show metrics of different social networks to assess the performance (e.g. user engagement, growth rate, and number of active users)
  • Post metrics Show metrics about posts to assess the performance (e.g., number of likes, number of comments, reached users)
  • Profile or Site metrics Show metrics of profiles/sites to assess the performance (e.g. number of followers, page views, and unique visitors)
  • Func report.svgReport

  • Clustering/Aggregation Cluster or aggregate collected data
  • Customizable reports
  • Filtering, sorting & searching Filter, sort and search through collected data
  • PDF export Export a report as a PDF document
  • Predefined reports Provide predefined templates for creating reports
  • Visualization options Visualize collected data in different ways, (e.g. in different charts)
  • Func collaboration.svgCollaboration

  • Approval workflows Create processes for approving content before posting
  • Inbox workflow Create workflows for automatically handling incoming messages
  • Multiuser Create multiple user accounts for your organisation
  • Permission management Configure custom permissions per account
  • Func interoperability.svgInteroperability

  • API support Access the tool through an Application Programming Interface
  • Data export Export data for further processing (e.g. as CSV file)
  • Third party tool integration Integrate or connect with other third-party applications, e.g., to login with your existing organisation accounts.
  • Func meta.svgMeta

  • GDPR compliant The tool adheres to the European General Data Protection Regulation for the processing of personal data, e.g. through the provision of a data processing amendment.
  • Historical data access Access historical or archived data for a longer period, e.g. the last two months.
  • Multiple accounts per platform Manage multiple profiles per social media platform
  • White Label Integrate the tool with custom branding or styling
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    Search & analyze real-time social media content coming from any location in the world. Helping 100s of organizations gather a new set of actionable social data.