Attack in Vienna 2020

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On the evening of November 2, 2020, a 20-year-old man killed four people in the city center, of Vienna, others are seriously injured.
Terror, Amok
Vienna, Austria



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Disaster Management Phase

After, During

The perpetrator ended up being shot by Vienna police. He was identified and was already known to the authorities as a sympathizer of the Islamist terrorist militia Islamic State. The Vienna police kept the public up to date via Twitter. Shortly after the crime, photos and videos were already circulating on social networks. The police called on people to refrain from doing so and to upload the recordings to a police server instead. This way, tens of thousands of recordings could be evaluated. Several tabloid media outlets shared photos and videos of the crime, whereupon they were heavily criticized on social media and several hundreds of complaints were received by the Austrian Press Council. Austrian journalist Ingrid Brodnig rates the sharing of the videos as wrong. It is a danger for people on the ground and hinders the ongoing police operation. Apart from the fact that in this way one acts in the sense of the terrorists.