Building a Social-Media-Team in a local fire brigade

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Quick Facts

Publishing Organisation:
Max Nüßler, FEU
Primary Target Country:
Covers Thematic
  • Community management Community Management in Social Media is the active component of interacting with your community of followers, fans and target audience across your social media platforms. This includes active listening, which is an important element of engaging with your followers to understand their wants and needs regarding your services.</br></br>Source:
  • Content creation Social media content creation is arguably one of the most important aspects of a social media marketing campaign. Social media content creation is an art, and one that requires an extra amount of patience, creativity, and education around graphic design, copy creation, and color composition.</br></br></br>Source:
  • Crisis communication Crisis communication is a strategic approach to corresponding with people and organizations during a disruptive event. When a crisis occurs, proactive, quick and detailed communication is critical.</br></br></br>Source:
  • Social Media Strategy A social media strategy is a document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them and the metrics you will track to measure your progress</br></br>Source:
  • Social Media Team Social Media team building comprises the member's roles and competences, training requirements, as well as financial and organizational prerequisites
  • Target audience
  • Practitioners Practitioners is a target group in LINKS which comprises local, national and European disaster management organizations, civil protection agencies, first responders, NGOs, security networks...
  • Audience experience level
  • Intermediate Those who currently use social media to communicate with the public and have developed a draft social media strategy, even if this is not thoroughly documented or communicated across the organisation</br></br>Source:
  • Disaster Management Phase
  • Before Comprises 'Preparedness Phase' and 'Prevention Phase'</br></br>Preparedness action is carried out within the context of disaster risk management and aims to build the capacities needed to efficiently manage all types of emergencies and achieve orderly transitions from response to sustained recovery.</br></br>Source:</br></br>Prevention (i.e., disaster prevention) expresses the concept and intention to completely avoid potential adverse impacts of hazardous events.</br></br>Source:
  • Synopsis

    In the document, suggestions from various guidelines available in the LINKS Guidelines library have been used

    The document is also available in Germanädtischen_Feuerwehr

    User Story

    A social media team is to be set up and established in a medium-sized public fire brigade with around 400 to 600 emergency personnel.

    A variety of questions need to be addressed, such as:

    • What are the fire brigade's goals in entering the social media world?
    • Which of the numerous platforms should a fire brigade use?
    • How can one monitor if objectives have been achieved?
    • How much staff is needed for implementation of the Social Media strategy?
    • Are there technologies that are required and/or desirable to ease the use?
    • What regulations, standards, or rules should of have to be followed?
    • Are there examples of successful social media use, or templates, tools, and documents that are useful for setup, operation, and various scenarios when using social media in emergency response?


    The following steps are suggested for implementation:

    • Definition of objectives
    • Definition of target audience
    • Definition of content types and categories
    • Determination of type of content
    • Definition of community management rules
    • Selection of platforms
    • Scheduling
    • Organizational and staff planning

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