VOST EUROPE History, Scope, Guidelines

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Primary Target Country Europe
Publishing Organisation VOST Europe
Language English
Year Published 2022
Target Audience Civil Society, Policy Makers, Practitioners
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase After, During
Covers Thematic VOST
Audience Experience Level Intermediate
Source Website https://safetyinnovationcenter.sharepoint.com/:b:/r/sites/LINKS shared/Freigegebene%20Dokumente/WP4/Guidelines/Guideline%20Documents/Working%20documents/G35 VOST EUROPE.pdf
Abstract Please note: Access to the source website is currently only available for project partners

VOST’s core mission is to:

  • Use online platforms to inform citizens in the areas of Disaster Risk Management(DRM), Disaster Risk Preparedness (DRP)
  • To support official entities in case of a natural disasters our man-made disruptive events, with an impact on society, with information gathering and dissemination of official information
  • Provide support in hoax and abusive behavior, disinformation and misinformation detection, by monitoring multiple channels and by establishing direct communication channels with online platforms

Different operational models, that adapt to country and regional level realities and needs, while maintaining the core objectives mentioned above.

The following models are implemented in Europe for VOST

  • Civil Society Organizations (CSO) / NGO with protocols established with official entities at national level
  • CSO / NGO with protocols established with official entities at regional level, managed by a national CSO / NGO entity
  • VOST as part of the official Civil Protection entity at National and regional level
Is Archived No
Covers platforms

This document describes the different types of Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) that exist in Europe, their unique operational models as well as the guidelines to set up a VOST in an European country where one doesn’t exist already.