Using Social Media for Emergency Notifications

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Quick Facts

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Twenty First Century Communications, Inc.
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  • Social Media Strategy A social media strategy is a document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them and the metrics you will track to measure your progress</br></br>Source:
  • Target audience
  • Businesses companies, local business networks, solution providers, suppliers of goods and services
  • Audience experience level
  • Starter Those who are not currently using social media, or the current use is based on providing general information and advice to citizens</br></br>Source:
  • Disaster Management Phase
  • Before Comprises 'Preparedness Phase' and 'Prevention Phase'</br></br>Preparedness action is carried out within the context of disaster risk management and aims to build the capacities needed to efficiently manage all types of emergencies and achieve orderly transitions from response to sustained recovery.</br></br>Source:</br></br>Prevention (i.e., disaster prevention) expresses the concept and intention to completely avoid potential adverse impacts of hazardous events.</br></br>Source:
  • Synopsis

    Three Social Media Steps to Take

    • 1. Start Participating
      • Set up a Twitter and a Facebook account.
    • 2. Build a Following
      • Follow local media and citizens on Twitter and they will follow you back. Over time you will build a sizeable Twitter audience.
      • Same on Facebook.
      • For more tips simply Google “how to build a social media following.
    • 3. Start Listening
      • In a world deeply integrated with the Internet and social media, conversations that are happening at this very moment can be as easy as setting up a Google Alert for your agency name, city name or county name.
      • Google Alerts will notify you each time your name is mentioned online.

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