Social-Media best practices

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Primary Target Country Netherlands
Publishing Organisation University Groningen
Language Dutch, English
Year Published 2022
Target Audience Civil Society, Practitioners, Researchers
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase Before
Covers Thematic Community management, Content creation, Social Media Strategy, Technologies
Audience Experience Level Starter
Source Website
Abstract 10 Best practices
  • 1. Stel duidelijke en meetbare social media doelstellingen op
  • 2. Leer je doelgroepen zo goed mogelijk kennen
  • 3. Kies de juiste social media platformen
  • 4. Brand je social media profielen
  • 5. Word vrienden met je publiek
  • 6. Gebruik de juiste afmetingen voor social posts
  • 7. Benader ieder platform op een andere manier
  • 8. Gebruik de juiste tools
  • 9. Post op het juiste moment
  • 10. Houd de concurrentie in de gaten

The guideline is also available in English

The 10 Best Practices

  • 1. Establish clear and measurable social media goals
  • 2. Get to know your audience as well as you can
  • 3. Choose the right social media platforms
  • 4. Brand your social media profiles
  • 5. Become friends with your audience
  • 6. Use the correct formats for social media posts
  • 7. Take a different approach on each platform
  • 8. Use the correct tools
  • 9. Post at the right time
  • 10. Keep an eye on the competition

Also the Social Media Strategy of the university is available

Is Archived No
Covers platforms Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

10 Best Practices intended to help when starting with Social Media. Although the tips are meant for members of the university they are also useful advice for practitioners and the civil society.