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Quick Facts

Publishing Organisation:
University Groningen
Primary Target Country:
Dutch, English
Covers Thematic
  • Community management Community Management in Social Media is the active component of interacting with your community of followers, fans and target audience across your social media platforms. This includes active listening, which is an important element of engaging with your followers to understand their wants and needs regarding your services.</br></br>Source:
  • Content creation Social media content creation is arguably one of the most important aspects of a social media marketing campaign. Social media content creation is an art, and one that requires an extra amount of patience, creativity, and education around graphic design, copy creation, and color composition.</br></br></br>Source:
  • Social Media Strategy A social media strategy is a document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them and the metrics you will track to measure your progress</br></br>Source:
  • Target audience
  • Businesses companies, local business networks, solution providers, suppliers of goods and services
  • Civil Society Civil society is a target group in LINKS which comprises citizens, civil society organizations, educational institutions, vulnerable groups, social movement organizations
  • Practitioners Practitioners is a target group in LINKS which comprises local, national and European disaster management organizations, civil protection agencies, first responders, NGOs, security networks...
  • Researchers research institutions and scientific communities
  • Audience experience level
  • Starter Those who are not currently using social media, or the current use is based on providing general information and advice to citizens</br></br>Source:
  • Disaster Management Phase
    Mentions platforms

    Facebook TikTok Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube


    10 Best practices

    • 1. Stel duidelijke en meetbare social media doelstellingen op
    • 2. Leer je doelgroepen zo goed mogelijk kennen
    • 3. Kies de juiste social media platformen
    • 4. Brand je social media profielen
    • 5. Word vrienden met je publiek
    • 6. Gebruik de juiste afmetingen voor social posts
    • 7. Benader ieder platform op een andere manier
    • 8. Gebruik de juiste tools
    • 9. Post op het juiste moment
    • 10. Houd de concurrentie in de gaten

    The guideline is also available in English

    The 10 Best Practices

    • 1. Establish clear and measurable social media goals
    • 2. Get to know your audience as well as you can
    • 3. Choose the right social media platforms
    • 4. Brand your social media profiles
    • 5. Become friends with your audience
    • 6. Use the correct formats for social media posts
    • 7. Take a different approach on each platform
    • 8. Use the correct tools
    • 9. Post at the right time
    • 10. Keep an eye on the competition

    Also the Social Media Strategy of the university is available

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