Public Awareness and Prevention Guides

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Publishing Organisation:
European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation
  • English
  • Cybersecurity
Disaster Management Phase


Europol’s crime-prevention guides
  • contain information that can help citizens protect themselves and their property


  • Digital skimming
  • How can you stay safe online during a global crisis?
  • How to recognize fake and hazardous toys
  • Safe sales, safe revenue
  • A safety guide for the new normal after COVID-19
  • Safe teleworking tips and advice
  • Make your home a cyber safe stronghold
  • SIM SWAPPING - A mobile phone scam
  • A guide to Cybersafe Holidays
  • Telecommunications Fraud
  • No more ransom - do you need help unlocking your digital life?
  • Take control of your digital life . Don‘t be a victim of cyber scams!
  • Protect yourself from holiday and ticket fraud
  • How not to fall for the lover boy scam
  • How to spot fake job adverts


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