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Having in mind the different types of large-scale incidents a sub-division of the practitioners networks in those from Police, Fire brigade, Emergency medical services, various types of technical rescue, NGOs involved in disaster management is considered helpful for reaching out to them in the different incidents.

The following table presents Dutch networks and associations of practitioners from the field of crisis management.

Fire & Rescue Services

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Brandweer Nederland Brandweer Nederland comprises
  • National specialist councils: decide on the approach to national cooperation on issues and direct national projects and programs.
  • The national networks: have an important role in the knowledge development of employees and have a social function in strengthening professionalism in the regions.
  • The Council of Commanders and Directors of the Safety Region (RCDV): identifies the strategic themes on which to collaborate nationwide.
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Emergency Medical Services

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
GGD GHOR NL GGD GHOR Nederland is the umbrella organisation of the GGDs and GHOR regions.
  • The GHOR is a government organization responsible for medical assistance at major accidents, disasters and crises. In addition to the fire department, police and municipality, the GHOR is one of the 'assistance columns' of the disaster response. The GHOR is part of a safety region.
  • The GGD (Gemeentelijke gezondheidsdienst, Gemeentelijke geneeskundige dienst, Geneeskundige gezondheidsdienst of Gemeenschappelijke gezondheidsdienst) is the service that every municipality in the Netherlands is required by law to have in order to carry out a number of tasks in the field of public health
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Rode Kruis NL The Netherlands Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world's largest humanitarian network. website Facebook Twitter
V&VN Ambulancezorg With 105,000 members, V&VN (Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland) is the largest professional association in the Netherlands. V&VN is there for nurses, carers and nursing specialists. website Facebook Twitter

Regional There are similar regional organizations in the Netherlands

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
GGGD Zuid-Limburg The South Limburg Medical Health Service is a joint arrangement established by the 16 municipalities in South Limburg. The municipalities have the task of representing the interests in the area of public health in their municipality; they determine the health policy and manage it. website Facebook Twitter

Water rescue

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
KNRM The Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) helps and rescues people in distress on the water. website Facebook Twitter


Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Politie The Dutch National Police is called the “Politie” and consists of 25 regional police forces plus the National Police Services Agency. It is assisted by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, a military entity which, during peacetime, performs the duties of a normal police service.

The Regionale Eenheid Limburg is the relevant organisation for the Dutch case team.

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Cross-border cooperation

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
NeBeDeAgPol NeBeDeAgPol is a working group of police authority directors in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. It was founded more than 50 years ago and is a police initiative to collaborate on a trilateral level in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

The Euregio Police Information & Cooperation Centre (EPICC) in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine is made up of about 30 Belgian, German and Dutch police officers, as well as representatives of the Dutch judiciary.


Disaster management

In The Netherlands there is no separate civil protection organization; the related tasks are provided by the 25 safety regions.

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
VRZL The Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg VRZL is one of the 25 safety regions of our country. Within VRZL, the 16 municipalities, Fire Department, Police and the Regional Medical Assistance Organization (GHOR, part of GGD Zuid Limburg) work together to be able to act as effectively as possible in the event of a disaster or crisis. Based on the joint arrangement, each municipality in the region is a participant in VRZL and therefore co-responsible for the administrative and organizational management of the organization. website Facebook Twitter
NIPV The Nederland instituut Publieke Veiligheid NIPV is the public knowledge institute that connects and strengthens safety regions, central government and crisis partners with research, education, support and information.
  • The Brandweeracademie (Fire Service Academy), part of the NIPV, takes care of the permanent professional competence of fire service employees and people employed in the field of crisis management and disaster relief. The Brandweeracademie develops and offers education for employees from officer level and develops educational material for the entire Fire Service in the Netherlands.
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