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Having in mind the different types of large-scale incidents a sub-division of the practitioners networks in those from Police, Fire brigade, Emergency medical services, various types of technical rescue, NGOs involved in disaster management is considered helpful for reaching out to them in the different incidents.

The following table presents Danish networks and associations of practitioners from the field of crisis management.

Fire & Rescue Services

Network Description More information
Hovedstadens Beredskab The Greater Copenhagen Fire Department, Hovedstadens Beredskab, is the largest municipal emergency service in Denmark. Greater Copenhagen Fire Department covers 8 municipalities, 12 fire and ambulance stations and around 1000 employees and volunteers. They are on 24 hours duty and are in contact with almost 1 million citizens. They are actively working with community risk reduction, both on the internet and by visiting people and institutions in the Copenhagen area.

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Falck Falck fire service provides firefighting and rescuing services to local communities and industrial customers in various high-risk sectors on a contractual basis with the authorities. The focus is on a rapid response, prevention, and maintenance of fire suppression systems and equipment. The Falck Group is owned by a group of Danish investments companies and commercial foundations. website

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Emergency Medical Services

Network Description More information
Capital Region of

Denmark, Prehospital Unit

The Capital Region of Denmark, Prehospital Unit provides immediate care to people with acute illness or injury in the Capital Region of Denmark. website
Falck Falck ambulance service provides emergency medical transport and medicine delivery and also scheduled sick transport website

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Sea rescue

Network Description More information
Dansk Søredningsselskab The Danish Sea Rescue Society is a general interest association with a board and a number of local branches. Wants remain a non-profit association assisting recreational sailors and other boat owners in non-life-threatening situations at sea, and to be available to the official rescue services at sea. website

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Crisis management

Network Description More information
DEMA The Danish Emergency Management Agency is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Defence. We work to prepare society for, prevent and respond to major accidents and disasters. DEMA is the point of contact for requests to Denmark for international crisis and emergency assistance. website

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Danske Beredskaber Danske Beredskaber is an association of all the municipal emergency units in the country and works to develop and improve emergency preparedness in Denmark. website

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Network Description More information
Politi Danish National Police is the highest authority within the Danish police.

The Kingdom of Denmark consists of a total of 15 police districts. Denmark is divided into 12 geographical police districts, while Faroe Islands Police and Greenland Police each form a police district. The 15th police district is the Special Crime Unit, which is a nationwide investigative unit established in 2022.


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