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The following table presents Italian networks of citizens which have to be considered in the context of diversity and vulnerability

Vulnerable People

Hearing impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
ENS - Onlus Ente Nazionale per la protezione e l'assistenza dei Sordi - Onlus (Italian National Agency for the protection and assistance of the Deaf) operates on a non-profit basis with for the exclusive pursuit of social solidarity, is the inclusion of deaf people in society, pursuing its unity. The ENS - ONLUS APS* protects, represents, promotes and enhances the dignity and autonomy of deaf people, their full rights of citizenship in all areas of life, self-determination, accessibility and information, education, training and inclusion in school, post-school, professional and social, post-school, professional, labor and social inclusion, the full implementation of the right to work of the deaf, encouraging job placement and professional activity in individual and cooperative forms, sign language, total communication and bilingualism, rehabilitation, culture, sports, leisure and recreation. Website Facebook Twitter
ATiDU Founded in 1992, the ATiDU Associazione per persone con problemi d'udito - Based in Italian speaking part of Switzerland - has always listened to the needs of people with impaired hearing and their families in order to improve their quality of life. Since then, it organizes meetings, courses and activities to raise awareness of hearing problems. It promotes the image of the hearing impaired and defends their right to equal opportunities, studies the problems posed by hearing loss in order to improve the conditions of exchange and reception of information, intervenes with the authorities or other entities in the interest of the hearing impaired and collaborates with other interested structures in the area for advice, joint projects or awareness activities. Website Facebook

Visual impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
UICI The Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti (Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is a private body whose statutory objectives, also recognised by Italian law, are the representation and protection of the moral and material interests of the visually impaired at public administrations. Website Terni Twitter

Reading impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Intentionally left empty

Religious Communities

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
UCEI Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane (Union of Italian Jewish Communities) provides religious, cultural, and educational services to Italy’s Jewish population and represents community on the national-political level. While individual Jewish communities and associations operate independently, they maintain strong cooperative links with the Rome-based Union. Website

The old and the young

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Anziani e non solo Anziani e Non Solo is a NGO working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of projects and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion.

The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo concern: Active ageing, intergenerational activities and support to frail and dependent elderly; Training and support to family carers, informal and formal carers; Prevention of gender based violence, elder abuse and discrimination; Fight against poverty, support to employability and to social inclusion of disadvantaged groups; Support and empowerment of disadvantaged young persons: skills development, social inclusion and school to work transition

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Various associations There are various associations dealing with aged people Website
Save the Children - Italia Save the Children works in over 100 countries, doing whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We are strongly committed in Italy and around the world to saving girls and boys and ensuring their growth.

Courageous in our ambitions and strong in our care, we do whatever is necessary for their development.

Partner in the LINKS project

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Digital Volunteers

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Emergenza24 Emergenza24 is a social network for emergency management run by a group of people with different backgrounds in engineering, geology, civil protection and GIS. It is not related to political, religious or other organizations; it has no sponsor and the site does not allow advertising.

Emergenza24 is based in Italy but works globally with thousands of contributors. We have a worldwide network of correspondents, able to communicate reliably information, news through images and video. Anyone can request to collaborate. It is a collective service through social networks and a platform which collects, evaluates and publishes correct and qualified information and facts in emergency situations. It has a sophisticated communications protocol that allows to automate and verify them. All news have a timetable and a precise geolocation. The project Emergenza24 want to test digital technologies and social networks to spread a correct information and to direct citizens to recognized organizations and associations. It is a valuable tool for groups of civil protection, associations, voluntary organizations, bloggers, news agencies, newspapers, TV and radio.

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Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
E.D.I ONLUS The Cooperativa Sociale E.D.I. onlus, Educazione ai Diritti dell'Infanzia e dell'Adolescenza (Education for the Rights of Childhood and Adolescence), focuses on the respect and promotion of human rights. The cooperative E.D.I. offers education, training, experimentation, counselling and research, focusing on children's and adolescents' rights. Website Facebook Twitter
AGE The Associazione Italiana Genitori (AGe) is mainly active in parental education, school participation bodies, family, media and educational policies with the main objective of promoting what is necessary for the good of children from a social, cultural, ethical, physical and psychological point of view. Website Facebook
Cerchio Blu The non-profit association CERCHIOBLU offers a range of solutions and opportunities for its members. It makes itself available to public and private organisations that request it. It helps individual police and emergency operators to manage the consequences of a critical event. it launched SFORGE - Scuola di Formazione nella Gestione delle Emergenze ( Website Facebook Twitter
CSLI The Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro (Italian Lazarus Union Corps) is a non-profit voluntary organisation (VO) with the purpose of social assistance and support, civil protection, protection and enhancement of cultural and landscape heritage. CSLI has been active in Italy since 2009 and since then has carried out numerous voluntary and civil protection activities aimed at citizens, schools, the weak and socially excluded. Website Facebook Twitter
Actionaid ActionAid is an independent international organization that has been working in Italy since 1989, with distance support programs and projects to support children, women and families in the communities where it works. Website Facebook Twitter