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About the Handbook

The Including Citizens Handbook is a digital toolkit specifically addressing Disaster Management Organizations, first responders, and decision makers. It can also be used by businesses and academic researchers. The product has a two-fold aim:

  1. It provides insights and instructions on how to communicate with citizens on disaster management processes by using social media platforms. Multiple resources, tools, and guidelines are designed to cover different vulnerability profiles.
  2. It provides guidance on how Disaster Management Organizations can include citizens and their unique resources and skills into disaster management processes.

The Including Citizens Handbook is divided in four sections, each providing in-depth insights into disaster management and operation procedures:

1. Communicating Risk

“Communicating Risk” focuses on how to best raise awareness and motivate protective actions among different types of citizens. The chapter is relevant for people working with risk communication before, during and after a hazard.

Section 1 of the Handbook - Communicating Risk.
Section 2 of the Handbook - Making Information Accessible.
2. Making Information Accessible

“Making Information Accessible” deals with several aspects related to the accessibility of information in different phases of disaster management. It covers multiple vulnerability profiles and provides solutions and guidelines on how to effectively spread messages via social media on issues concerning good-practices and so on.

3. Mobilizing Citizens

“Mobilizing Citizens” deals with the physical mobilisation of citizens before, during and after a hazard, but it also covers aspects related to the mobilisation of aid as well as social activism. It provides guidelines, insights, and tools for different types of practitioners.

Section 3 of the Handbook - Mobilizing Citizens.
Section 4 of the Handbook - Mobilizing Volunteers.
4. Mobilizing Volunteers

“Mobilizing Volunteers” is concerned with different aspects of how Disaster Management Organizations can leverage digital platforms to coordinate and mobilize spontaneous volunteers. Here, Disaster Management Organizations can learn how to use these platforms to, for example, onboard spontaneous volunteers.


If you would like to learn more about the Including Citizens Handbook, contact Camilla Froio ( or Nina Baron (