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The logo of the Feel Safe platform

About Feel Safe

Feel Safe is an educational platform with a twofold objective:

  1. Increasing boys' and girls' awareness of Culture of Safety and Resilience and their engagement in disaster prevention and preparedness actions.
  2. Promote networks of good practices working on child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction.

Feel Safe users are mainly mid school teachers and educators, but also anyone else who works with children on risk management. Feel Safe promotes the use of social media, technologies and digital education as a means to enhance communities' resilience to disasters.

Main Areas

The website is organized in 5 thematic areas and specific pathways focusing on vulnerabilities, awareness, communication, being prepared and earthquakes. The activities are based on a participatory and experiential approach.

Destination 1 – Reducing Vulnerability
Destination 2 – Be Prepared
Destination 3 – Increasing Awareness
Destination 4 – Communication During Emergencies
Destination 5 – Mission Earthquake


Insights, readings, articles and so much more. In this section you can freely check and download materials and resources that will broaden your knowledge and understanding of safety culture and disaster risk reduction.


Interesting stories and experiences from all over the world.

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For further enquiries, contact Franceso Graziani (francesco.graziani@savethechildren.org).