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The LINKS Community should include industrial entities that are relevant to the research and activities in the Community. These may be small, medium or big enterprises that are actively engaged in the area of disaster resilience, or that provide relevant goods (IT solutions) or services (IT training) in the social media arena

Critical Infrastructure

In disaster management one has also to consider the critical infrastructure which is often stressed and its ongoing availability plays a major role in quick and full recovery.

Public transport

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NS Nederandse Spoorwegen - Dutch Railways (NS) is the largest railway company in the Netherlands Website Facebook Twitter
ProRail On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, ProRail is responsible for:

constructing, managing and maintaining railway infrastructure, including tunnels, level crossings, overhead lines, signs and points; managing and maintaining railway facilities, such as stations; allocating network capacity. ProRail runs the railway traffic control centre and coordinates disaster response.

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Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg produces treated wastewater and converts sewage sludge into valuable raw materials and energy. This is done in an innovative and sustainable way. The wastewater comes from 500,000 households in Limburg and 30,000 businesses that are connected to the sewer system. Website Facebook Twitter


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Energie-Nederland Energie-Nederland is the trade association for all parties that produce, supply and trade electricity, gas and heat. Energie-Nederland is committed to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply; we are one of the initiators of the Climate Agreement. Website Twitter

Insurance Companies

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VDS Nederland VdS Nederland is a 100% subsidiary of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, established to better meet the specific requirements and wishes of the Dutch market. VdS Nederland is a NEN EN 17020, type A, inspection body accredited by the Accreditation Council. Website Twitter


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SITECH SITECH SERVICES OF CHEMELOT organises the emergency response system at the Chemelot chemical site and business community, located in the South of the Netherlands. Chemelot comprises 800 hectares and 150 organisations. Chemelot has been planned around one central idea: to bring together the knowledge and skills normally found only in major organizations, and to apply these within a flexible community of small and large chemical businesses. A growing environment for economy and working space, in 2025 belonging to the world top of chemistry and new materials.

Partner in LINKS

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COT Instituut voor Veiligheids- en Crisismanagement focuses its activities on crisis management and security issues. Website
VNCI The VNCI - Koninklijke Vereniging van de Nederlandse Chemische Industrie (Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) promotes the collective interests of the chemical industry in the Netherlands by means of consultations, information meetings and recommendations. The VNCI acts on behalf of the entire sector as a central contact point and undertakes activities that have a positive impact on the image of the chemical industry. Website Twitter
CrisisLab Crisislab conducts evaluation and policy research in the field of crisis management and security care. We also conduct crisis exercises and provide education, training and advice to public and private organizations on security issues. Website Twitter
CHEMELOT Chemelot is much more than an industrial park in South Limburg. The unique chemistry and materials site is of strategic importance for many of the companies present. At least as important: Chemelot is a growth engine for the entire region. In order to guarantee the importance of Chemelot for future generations, the large companies at Chemelot (SABIC, OCI Nitrogen, Arlanxeo, Fibrant, AnQore and DSM) and the growing Brightlands Chemelot Campus joined forces with the on-site service companies Sitech and USG in the stakeholder team Chemelot 2025. Website Facebook Twitter