Danish networks of researchers

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Crisis management

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COPE Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research (COPE) is a platform for inter-disciplinary research, teaching and networking on disasters and climate change issues. Website Facebook Twitter

Natural Hazard

Network Description Websit Facebook Twitter
Klimatilpasning.dk The Danish portal for Climate Change Adaptation presents the existing knowledge on climate change and climate change adaptation within a number of areas. The information is targeted at individuals, municipalities and businesses. The portal provides information on the newest research and development within climate change adaptation in Denmark and abroad. The portal also contains a number of specific examples (case descriptions) of adaptation measures. Website

Information Technology

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ITU CIST The ITU Center for Information Security and Trust (ITU CIST) provides a multidisciplinary research environment, delivering knowledge and capacity necessary to tackle modern cybersecurity challenges from a societal, legal, organizational, and technical point of view. ITU CIST draws on expertise in information security, computer science, social science, law and philosophy, covering the range of basic research in security science to applied research in systems-building and analysis of the implications to society. Website Facebook Twitter