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Crisis Management

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DEMA The Danish Emergency Management Agency is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Defence. Its principal task is to manage an operational part who work out of six Emergency Management Centres, and administrative and legalizing part, who supervises the national and municipal rescue preparedness and advises the authorities on matters of preparedness. Website Twitter

Natural Hazards

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Kystdirektoratet The Danish Coastal Authority is the official coastal government agency - a division of The Danish Ministry of the Environment and part of The Danish Nature Agency. It is as such also adviser for The Danish Minister of the Environment.

Regulatory tasks concerning coastal protection and the state territorial waters are carried out by means of analyses, project planning, construction, operation, and warning. These tasks are completed in broad-based cooperation with many different stakeholders from Denmark.

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Public Administration

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KL KL - Local Government Denmark is the association and interest organisation of the 98 Danish municipalities

KL supports municipalities with consultancy services and information, supporting all members in delivering local service and developing local communities.

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Danske Regioner Danske Regioner (Danish Regions) is the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark

The tasks of the regions include health care, operation of social and special education institutions as well as regional development - all complex and comprehensive tasks that need a decentralised solution

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Sundhedsstyrelsen Sundhedsstyrelsen - The Danish Health Authority - has a national responsibility for health issues and works to ensure good public health and uniform healthcare services of high professional quality across Denmark, including effective health emergency management. Website Facebook Twitter


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FKB The Municipality of Frederiksberg is an independent municipality situated in the middle of Copenhagen. Frederiksberg has approximately 105.000 citizens. Frederiksberg has a strategy of becoming a climate friendly town focusing on cloudburst management, CO2 reduction, and sustainable mobility.

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