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The following table presents Danish networks of citizens which have to be considered in the context of diversity and vulnerability

Vulnerable People

Hearing impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DDL The core of the national work of the Danish National Association of the Deaf is Danish sign language. With Danish sign language, DDL strengthen the deaf community and the individual's sense of opportunity, agency and control over their own everyday lives.

The results of DDL's international efforts lead to respect for the rights of the deaf, solidarity, volunteerism and stronger local and national communities in Danish sign language.

  • Danish Deaf Association and the National Police have in collaboration developed an app, named “Akuthjælp til døve”, that makes it possible to call the police, fire brigade or ambulance without having to send an SMS or call 112 via an interpreter. The project is funded by Trygfonden. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.
Hoereforeningen The aim of the Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing is to improve the conditions for children, young people and adults who are hard of hearing and for those who have become deaf, have undergone a cochlear implantation, suffer from Tinnitus, Menière’s syndrome or other sound and hearing disorders. The association has local branches in most of the Danish municipalities. The local branches work on a political and social level. Website Facebook

Visual impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Dansk Blindesamfund Dansk Blindesamfund (Danish Blind Society) is the interest group for people with visual impairments. Together we challenge blindness. Every day it fights to ensure that blind and partially sighted people can participate and contribute on an equal footing with everyone else: That more people get an education. More people into work. That fewer are lonely. More people living active and independent lives. And that more people are healthy and exercise. Website Facebook Twitter

Reading impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Intentionally left empty

Religious Communities

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
EJC Jødiske Samfund i Danmark (Jewish Community in Denmark) is an officially recognized religious community with approximately 1,800 members. There is an estimated number of 6-7,000 Jews in Denmark of which most are living in Copenhagen and the immediate surroundings. Website Facebook Twitter

The old and the young

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Ældre Sagen Ældre Sagen creates space for good lives - regardless of age. The work of the national association is based on its members and their commitment in the association's local branches and committees. Ældre Sagen has 215 local branches spread across the country. Volunteers 20,000 active volunteers, making unpaid efforts as visitor friends, exercise friends, PC supporters, elderly policy activists, etc. Website Facebook Twitter
Redbarnet Redbarnet is Denmark's largest children's rights organisation. We are a member of the world's largest independent children's rights organisation, Save the Children. Red Barnet works in Denmark and more than 120 other countries, where we fight for children's rights. We work to save, protect and empower children in Denmark and around the world. Website Facebook Twitter

Citizens and Science

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DNNK The Nationale Netværk for Klimatilpasning (National Network for Climate Adaptation) is based on the desire to consolidate existing networks and projects in the field of climate adaptation - initially by merging four networks: CALL Copenhagen, INUNDO, KLIKOVAND and Vand i Byer. The network also simultaneously established a close cooperation with the Coast to Coast Climate Change (Citizens to Citizens CC) project. Website Facebook
Byplanlab The Danish Town Planning Institute Byplanlab is a private, independent institution that aims to showcase urban and regional planning in Denmark. The Institute addresses town planners, students, public authorities and interested citizens who wish to know more about town planning. Through courses, conferences and projects, the tools and objectives of planning are disseminated and tested in an interdisciplinary environment. Website Facebook

Digital Volunteers

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
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