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The LINKS Community should include industrial entities that are relevant to the research and activities in the Community. These may be small, medium or big enterprises that are actively engaged in the area of disaster resilience, or that provide relevant goods (IT solutions) or services (IT training) in the social media arena

Critical Infrastructure

In disaster management one has also to consider the critical infrastructure which is often stressed and its ongoing availability plays a major role in quick and full recovery.

Public transport

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Vejdirektoratet The Road Directorate is responsible for state roads. This means motorways, dual carriageways, a large proportion of country roads and many of the country's bridges. In total, about 3,800 kilometres.

The Road Directorate is an agency under the Ministry of Transport.

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Arriva Danmark Arriva is the largest bus operator in Denmark ansd also provides rail and waterbus service Website Facebook

Utility company

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HOFOR Greater Copenhagen Utility - HOFOR has more than 1,200 employees, supplying 1.1 million customers in the Copenhagen metropolitan area with:

Drinking water, District heating, District cooling, Town gas, Disposal of wastewater

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Frederiksberg Forsyning Frederiksberg Forsyning is the local utility company in Frederiksberg supplying gas, water, district cooling and heating, producing wind energy and disposing of rain and waste water. Website Facebook


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Energistyrelsen The Danish Energy Agency is responsible for tasks linked to energy production, supply and consumption, as well as Danish efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The Agency is also responsible for supporting the economical optimisation of utilities that in addition to energy includes water, waste and telecommunication.

The Danish Energy Agency is a part of the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities


Insurance Companies

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IPD Insurance & Pension Denmark is the Danish trade association for insurance companies and pension funds, representing 84 insurance companies and pension funds operating in the Danish market. Website


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DBI Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology - DBI

DBI is specialized in fire and security and work targeted to protect lives and properties. DBI offers a wide range of services within fire prevention, fire technology and security and aims to help customers achieving the best safety solutions.DBI also has an extensive department of education, where it offers a wide range of courses and training in fire safety and security.