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Covid19Italia.Help is an opensource and open access platform created in the first days of the emergency with the aim to disseminate information relative to the pandemic and support people in need.
COVID-19, pandemic



Crowdsourcing, Social Media

  • Collecting and Analysing Information from SMCS
  • Ensuring Credible Information
  • Making Information Accessible
Disaster Management Phase

After, During

From January 2020 in Italy started the diffusion of the coronavirus and from March 2020 the prohibition to exit and to move in the territory has been set off. From that moment most of the activities ended and the shops closed (only the supermarket, grocery store, and the essential shops could stay open). This have created a lot of problems especially because most of the activities and shops have been able to re-open and continue their work after a lot of months, generating a lot of economic problems. Therefore, a lot of people contracted the virus with healthy problems, and this created problems on the hospitals, that have not space to nurse everyone and a lot of people died. For that reason, a groups of computer technicians created this platform as a support for people who needed some help in this disastrous situation
What worked well and could be recommended to others?

- It worked well, as the TerremotoCentroItalia platform - The idea to divide the warning for regions helped people to find the information they need in an easier way and to create specific maps for the region of interest - The platform is easy and intuitive to access, there are few sections but very clear - It allows people to have official information on behaviors to have on what was happening - An NGO helped a lot in the diffusion and in the sharing of the platform, ensuring also the continuity in work and reliability of information - The information provided were verified before

- The section “fake news” helped a lot of people to identify the correct information and avoid the risks of disinformation and fakes
What limitations were identified?

Problem of fake news and disinformation.

Problems of accessibility: there are some accessibility rules that have not been satisfied in the platform.
Which social media and crowdsourcing technologies were used?
  • OpenStreetMap
  • GitHub
Which social media platforms were used?
Which hashtags or keywords were used?
#covid19, #coronavirus