Warning and Informing Scotland

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Primary Target Country Scotland
Publishing Organisation Ready Scotland
Language English
Year Published 2018
Target Audience Policy Makers, Practitioners
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase After, Before, During
Covers Thematic Crisis communication, Social Media Strategy
Audience Experience Level Starter
Source Website https://ready.scot/sites/default/files/2020-09/preparing-scotland-warning-and-informing-final-version-for-publication.pdf

A social media presence will significantly enhance your communications strategy before, during and after an emergency. An effective social media strategy will incorporate the critical elements of:

Listening – Talking – Engaging – Sustaining

  • Listening
    • What are people talking about?
    • What is being said about your organization/subject matter?
    • Who is your audience?
    • Where is your audience?
  • Talking
    • Promote and introduce your organization/subject matter
    • Provide information that will be helpful
    • Target influential individuals/audiences
  • Engaging
    • Develop and encourage two-way conversations
    • Talk with supporters and critics
    • Create a growing network using content that can be shared
  • Sustaining
    • Keep dialogue going to be well positioned in an emergency
    • Commit necessary resources to maintain momentum
    • Turn followers into advocates who speak for you


  • Public Communications Groups (PCG)
    • Activation and composition
    • Engagement with a Resilience Partnership
    • Out of hours
    • National decision-making
    • The Scottish Government
  • Principles
    • Clear roles and responsibilities
    • Provision of communication advice at every level of decision making
    • Clear communication objectives
    • An audience-based approach
    • An understanding of channels, and adaption to new opportunities
    • Use of dedicated spokespeople
    • Phased communications
  • Planning
    • Preparing the public
    • Preparing the Public Communications Group
  • Response
    • Activation
    • First hour public communications
    • Beyond the first hour
  • Recovery

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Note: Abstracts taken from a previous edition

Tips for authorities: https://safetyinnovationcenter.sharepoint.com/:b:/r/sites/LINKS_shared/Freigegebene%20Dokumente/WP4/Guidelines/Guideline%20Documents/Working%20documents/Action%20cards/G07_TIPS%20FOR%20AUTHORITIES_extract_level1.pdf

Social Media platforms: https://safetyinnovationcenter.sharepoint.com/:b:/r/sites/LINKS_shared/Freigegebene%20Dokumente/WP4/Guidelines/Guideline%20Documents/Working%20documents/Action%20cards/G07_Social%20Media%20Platforms%20to%20use_extrac_%20level2.pdf

Is Archived No
Covers platforms

The document provides guidance and best practice on communicating with the public before, during and after such emergencies, and outlines general good practice for crisis communications.