VOST: Crowdsourcing and Digital Volunteering in Emergency Response

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Primary Target Country
Publishing Organisation EENA a.s.b.l.
Language English
Year Published 2017
Target Audience Civil Society, Policy Makers, Practitioners
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase After, Before, During
Covers Thematic VOST
Audience Experience Level Intermediate, Starter
Source Website https://eena.org/wp-content/uploads/VOST-Crowdsourcing-digital-volunteering.pdf
  • During emergencies and disasters, the challenge is to cope with either the lack of information or an information overload.
  • The social media world with its crowdsourcing approach has options to offer to overcome this issue, through the digital volunteers.
  • VOST and other groups can provide support
    • in hoax and abusive behaviour detection
    • in monitoring multiple channels
    • in amplification of information, and
    • can perform specific missions and tasks requested by an agency or emergency response organisation (EROs),
      • including sometimes even taking over SM accounts in crisis situations.
  • Building on the relationships and the agreements established with digital volunteers before the emergency can greatly benefit all parties during a crisis.
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This document introduces the digital ways of volunteering, specifically through the example of international Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST. Several practical examples are listed where VOST have successfully supported the Emergency Services (ES) and Public Authorities