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Having in mind the different types of large-scale incidents a sub-division of the practitioners networks in those from Police, Fire brigade, Emergency medical services, various types of technical rescue, NGOs involved in disaster management is considered helpful for reaching out to them in the different incidents.

The following table presents German networks and associations of practitioners from the field of crisis management.

Fire & Rescue Services

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DFV Deutscher Feuerwehrverband (German Fire Service Association) is the umbrella organisation and represents the interests of the German fire service at national, European and international level and supports the protection against and prevention of hazards. The DFV works for sustainable framework conditions to ensure a reliable system of rapid and competent assistance in Germany. As a national umbrella organisation, it forms a network in which it bundles and communicates the competences of its members. Website Facebook Twitter
AGBF Bund Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Leiter der Berufsfeuerwehren (Association of Chief Fire Officers of Professional Fire & Rescue Service in the Federal Republic of Germany) is the association of all professional fire services. The AGBF is a self-supporting association within the German Association of Cities (DST) and has branches is all German federal states (Länder) Website
Netzwerk Berufsfeuerwehr Netzwerk Berufsfeuerwehr offers current information for all full-time fire service colleagues in Germany and other German-speaking countries. "From colleagues for colleagues". Facebook
vfdb Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes (German Fire Protection association) is a network of different type of stakeholders (practitioners, researchers, insurance companies, fire safety industry, authorities, trade union, press). Website Facebook Twitter

Emergency Medical Services

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DRK Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross) saves people, helps in emergencies, offers people a community, stands by the poor and needy and oversees international humanitarian law. We act before, during and after disasters and health emergencies to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people. Website Facebook Twitter
BRK Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz Website Facebook Twitter
ASB ASB - the Workers' Samaritan Federation - is a German aid and welfare organisation, engaged in areas such as civil protection, rescue services and social welfare services. Website Facebook Twitter
MHD Malteser Hilfsdienst. Website Facebook Twitter
JUH Johanniter is a nationally and internationally active Protestant aid organisation. Website Facebook Twitter

Civil Protection Forces

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
THW Technisches Hilfwerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) is a Federal agency and belongs to the department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. However, only one percent of the staff works full-time for the authority. Nationwide more than 80,000 volunteers commit themselves during their leisure time in 668 local sections in order to provide professional help to people in distress.

THW flexibly adapts its structures to changing threat situations. Modern equipment and well-trained specialists are the basis of its high efficiency.

Website Facebook Twitter

Mountain rescue

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Bergwacht Bergwacht (German Mountain Guard; voluntary NGO, part of German Red Cross). In the spring and summer months, the mountain rescue team mainly rescues hikers, mountaineers and paragliders. In the winter months, the missions focus strongly on winter sports enthusiasts and avalanche rescue. All year round, the mountain rescue team carries out air rescue and cable car evacuation. Website

Water rescue

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DLRG Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e. V. (German Lifesaving Society) is a non-profit and independent water rescue and emergency aid organisation. It basically works on a voluntary basis with voluntary helpers. Website Facebook Twitter

Sea rescue

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DGzRS Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service) is a Voluntary NGO Life Guard on sea.

The sea rescuers are responsible for the maritime search and rescue service in the German areas of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Federal Republic of Germany has assigned this sovereign task to the DGzRS. They are responsible for carrying out, directing and coordinating all search and rescue operations. For this purpose, they maintain the SEENOTLEITUNG BREMEN as the German maritime rescue coordination center (MRCC).

Website Facebook Twitter


Country Level

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Bundespolizei The Federal Police is mainly dealing with border, railways and aviation security and management. Conducting their work via regional and special directorates, it is also responsible for the protection of the shorelines. Website
Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) The Bundeskriminalamt, as the central police agency in Germany, coordinates crime suppression at national and international level. In general, it is responsible for police communications with the law enforcement and judicial authorities as well as with other public authorities in other countries. Website Facebook Twitter

Regional Level

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Landespolizeien The Federal Republic of Germany is divided into 16 federal states (Länder), each with its own state police, and each organised differently since police competencies fall within the legislation of the federal states as laid down in Germany's Constitution.



Cross-border cooperation

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
EMRIC+ EMRIC is a unique cooperative association of Belgian, Dutch and German authorities (administration & emergency response organizations) in the Euregio Maas-Rhine responsible for safety in the areas of fire protection, technical assistance and medical rescue. Website
NeBeDeAgPol NeBeDeAgPol is a working group of police authority directors in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. It was founded more than 50 years ago and is a police initiative to collaborate on a trilateral level in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

The Euregio Police Information & Cooperation Centre (EPICC) in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine is made up of about 30 Belgian, German and Dutch police officers, as well as representatives of the Dutch judiciary.


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