Guidelines for the use of social media in emergencies (ISO 22329:2021)

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Primary Target Country
Publishing Organisation ISO/TC 292 Security and resilience
Language English
Year Published 2021
Target Audience Policy Makers, Practitioners
Status Published
Disaster Management Phase After, Before, During
Covers Thematic Legal/Standards, Social Media Strategy
Audience Experience Level Intermediate, Starter
Source Website
Abstract This document provides guidance on how social media can be integrated into communication in emergency management.
  • Having effective communication among organizations and with the public are important aspects of emergency management.
  • It is important that organizations recognize the potential benefits and threats inherent when using social media in their communication strategy, including crisis communication.
  • Social media can improve situational awareness and communication capability and help citizens support each other during an emergency or crisis.
  • Social media can also spread inaccurate information regarding an incident and the response to an incident.
  • Organizations that have the capability to monitor and use social media can take advantage of the potential benefits and counteract the potential negative consequences that can arise from social media.


Glossary of terms related to security and resilience

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This document gives guidance on the use of social media in emergency management. It gives guidance on how organizations and the public can use, and interact through, social media before, during and after an incident as well as how social media can support the work of emergency services. This document is applicable to governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in emergency management and crisis communication.