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Disaster Management

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BBK In the Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe (Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance) all areas of civil safety&security provision are combined in an interdisciplinary manner and thus into an effective protection system for the entire population. The BBK has developed methods for risk analyses in civil protection that can be applied at all administrative levels. As part of its early warning responsibilities, it operates the NINA warning app, which can be used to receive civil protection warnings for various hazard situations. Website Facebook Twitter
DKKV The Deutsches Komitee Katastrophenvorsorge e.V. (German Committee for Disaster Reduction) is the national platform for disaster prevention in Germany;

intermediary to international organisations and initiatives active in the field of disaster prevention; a competence centre for all questions of national and international disaster risk management.

BABZ Bundesakademie für Bevölkerungsschutz und Zivile Verteidigung (Federal Academy for Civil Protection and Civil Defence) is the Central educational institution of the Federal Republic of Germany for all actors in the field of disaster and civil protection Website Facebook
BN_IntKatS The Bonn Network International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction is intended to encourage collaboration between Bonn experts on international risk management and to inform the interested public about current developments in this field. The guiding principle of sustainability should be further advanced.

In a broad coalition of actors from all areas and levels, the network would like to: Strengthen the exchange and networking of those involved in disaster control and risk management at the site, inform about tasks, services, events and projects, Strengthen Bonn as a competence center in the field of international disaster control and risk management. 

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Public Administration

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DST The Deutscher Staedtetag (Association of German Cities) represents the interests of all autonomous cities and most county-affiliated cities, is in dialogue with the Federal Government, the Federal Parliament (Bundestag), the Federal Council (Bundesrat), the institutions of the European Union and numerous other organizations, exerts influence on lawmaking and legislation, promotes local self-government, which is guaranteed in the German constitution. Website Twitter
DSTGB Deutscher Staedte- und Gemeindebund (German Association of Towns and Municipalities) represents the interests of German cities and municipalities. It gives local authorities a strong voice at state, federal and EU level and takes up the issues that move citizens on the ground. Through 17 member associations, 11,000 large, medium-sized and smaller municipalities are organized and networked through the German Association of Towns and Municipalities. It works independently of political parties and without government subsidies. The membership of its bodies is based on the vote of the electorate in local elections. Website Facebook Twitter
DLT The Deutscher Landkreistag (German County Association) represents three quarters of the local authorities, around 96 % of the area and, with 56 million inhabitants, 68 % of the population of Germany. Website Twitter


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DFWR The Deutsche Forstwirtschaftsrat (German Forestry Council) gives forestry a voice. It is the representative body of all stakeholders involved in forestry and the forest in the Federal Republic of Germany. Website Twitter