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The following table presents German networks of citizens which have to be considered in the context of diversity and vulnerability

Vulnerable People

Hearing impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DGB The Deutscher Gehörlosen-Bund e.V. (German Federation of the Deaf) sees itself as a socio-political, cultural and professional interest group for the deaf in Germany and as a forum for the sign language community. Website Facebook Twitter

Visual impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
DBSV Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband e. V. (German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted) is the national organisation of visually impaired persons and patients who suffer from a disease leading to sight loss. As self-help organisation, DBSV strives for an inclusive, forward-looking society free of discrimination. They have launched a guideline how to describe pictures/Photos/drawings in social media posts ( Website Facebook Twitter

Reading impairment

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Intentionally left empty

Religious Communities

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland As a public corporation, the Central Council of Jews in Germany's main task is to represent the interests of its members to the outside world. In the course of its now 60-year history, it has faced numerous major challenges: the beginnings after the war, the opening of the Wall and the bringing together of the communities in East and West, the integration of immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union. In addition, he is intensively committed to mutual understanding between Jews and non-Jews Website Facebook Twitter
KRM Koordinierungsrat der Muslime in Deutschland

The founding members are the four major Muslim religious communities: the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB), the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany (IRD), the Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) and the Association of Islamic Cultural Centers (VIKZ). On July 2, 2019, the KRM was expanded to include two new members. The Union of Islamic-Albanian Centers in Germany and the Central Council of Moroccans in Germany joined the coordination council. These religious communities represent the absolute majority of the mosque communities where Islamic community life takes place. In the KRM, topics that affect Muslims and Islam in Germany are evaluated, discussed and, if necessary, joint steps are taken.

Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma (Central Council of German Sinti and Roma) is the independent umbrella organization of 19 regional and member associations. It is the civil and political interest group of the German Sinti and Roma based in Heidelberg. The Central Council advocates the equal participation of the Sinti and Roma in politics and society and the protection and promotion as a national minority. Website Facebook Twitter
AABF The Alevi Federation Germany e.V.(Turkish: Almanya Alevi Birlikleri Federasyonu, abbr.: AABF) is the only umbrella organisation of the Alevis living in Germany and is representing the interests of the 160 member organisations throughout Germany. Hence, the AABF is entitled to the sole and exclusive representation of the mostly from Anatolia originating Alevis living in Germany. It is one of the biggest organisations founded by people with a migratory background in the Federal Republic of Germany and with about 700 000 members one of the biggest religious communities in Germany. Website

The old and the young

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
BAGSO BAGSO - Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Seniorenorganisationen represents the interests of the older generations in Germany. It advocates active, self-determined and, as far as possible, healthy aging in social security. It promotes a differentiated image of old age that includes the diverse opportunities of a longer life as well as periods of vulnerability and need for care.

BAGSO brings together around 120 associations and organizations in civil society that are supported by older people or that are committed to the interests of older people. The diversity, competence and commitment of its members are the strength of BAGSO. Through its member associations, it is always close to the wishes and needs of older people.

Website Facebook Twitter
Deutscher Kinderschutzbund The German Child Protection Association (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Bundesverband e.V.) is committed to children and young people in Germany. We want a child-friendly society in which the spiritual, psychological, social and physical development of children and young people is promoted. Website Facebook Twitter
Save the Children - Deutschland Save the Children Deutschland is one of 30 country organizations under the umbrella of Save the Children International. The purpose of the association is the promotion of child and youth welfare and the pursuit of any activities for the protection and promotion of the rights of the child in the fields of social and medical assistance and in particular in the promotion of any support and assistance to children in need, living in poverty and suffering anywhere in the world Website Facebook Twitter

Digital Volunteers

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
VOST DE Virtual Operations Support Team from Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) Facebook Twitter
VOST BW Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Baden-Württemberg' - state Twitter
VOST HH Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Hamburg' - state Facebook Twitter
VOST MH Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Mülheim' - municipality Twitter
VOST SH Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Schleswig-Holstein' - state Twitter
VOST ffwbhg Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Bad Homburg' - municipality Twitter
VOST_TeamMedien Virtual Operations Support Team from 'Bad Kreuznach ' - region Twitter

Citizens and Science


Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
intentionally left empty

Victims of Crime Support

Network Description Website Facebook Twitter
Weißer Ring WEISSER RING is the only nationwide active victim support organisation in Germany.

Weisser Ring provides help in the following ways, amongst others

  • Support and personal counselling for victims
  • Accompanying the victim to court
  • Assistance in dealing with paperwork and other official matters
  • Arranging for assistance from other organisations
Website Facebook

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